Spilling the Ink on Hiatus until Fall 2019

Update July 2018: Spilling the Ink is on Hiatus until Fall 2019.

Hello! I've recently had some good fortune for my own writing that I'm delighted to share: I've been awarded the David T.K. Wong Creative Writing Fellowship at the University of East Anglia for 2018-2019. Among other things, this means that I'll have the time and space to write, write, write. My project, which I hope becomes my first novel, is about a family of civil war migrants and refugees who left China for Taiwan in the 1940s.

I'm so looking forward to this opportunity to immerse myself in novel-writing and the evolution of a book. I wonder how the experience will inform my future writing and teaching.

AND, even though I'm not running my courses, YOU can still spill your own ink. Keep writing! Join groups! Listen to readings! Find a writing buddy! Fill notebooks! Believe in your stories! I hope to hear all about them soon.