A December Gift and Taster

Welcome to my Writing Circles website!  This is where you can find out more about joining me at a Writing Circle.  Here are some links that may interest  you:

This December, I have gift for you: a writing prompt advent calendar over on my other blog, one tree bohemia.  Each day from 1 Dec - 24 Dec, I will post a short writing prompt.  Everyone is invited to share responses in the comments. You can leave a comment there or offer a link to your own blog.   During the day, I 'll join in, too.  We did this last year and a wonderful community sprang up.  Come as often or a little as you like, you are always welcome.

If you're considering joining a Spilling the Ink Writing Circle this January, the calendar will give you a sense of who I am, how I write, and how I respond.  It's completely free to participate and I value your contributions to the conversation.  We all have stories to tell and one of my favourite things to do is listen.  Click here for today's prompt.  And if you'd like to start at the very beginning, here's the prompt for 1 December.