What happens in a Writing Circle session?

In a writing circle, we write!

  • Writing - The first hour is devoted to writing practice, with prompts, exercises, and activities to keep your pen moving (or fingers typing).  From week to week, this is a solid block of time devoted to writing. You may choose to focus on a work in progress or experiment with seedlings of new ideas.
  • Short break - A chance to stretch our legs, shake out our hands, and refill our teas and coffees.
  • Discussion - During the second part of the meeting, we have discussion and/or responses. This might include sharing what worked from the writing session, reading our work aloud, or responding as ‘early listeners’ to bits of work. Importantly, we will take care to match our method of response and level of discussion to be appropriate to the stage of the writing.
  • Conferences - As part of the Writing Circles programme, I offer an optional personal conference to each participant.  These range from 30-45 minutes and we usually meet at a time and location convenient to both of us . They can be via telephone.
  • Weekly themes - Each week focuses on a different stage of the creative process.  Because each group is different, I often adjust the emphasis to meet the needs of the writers present. Here is an example of the overall structure of  6-week programme. Longer programmes may spend more time on generating material or editing, depending on the nature of the group. 

Teas, coffees and refreshments are provided throughout the sessions.