Empathy links - Resources and conversations

Have you ever had that experience that once you start thinking about something, you suddenly notice examples of it everywhere?  Before I was pregnant, mums and babies were rarely on my radar.  Once I knew I was expecting, though, bumps and buggies were popping up all over the place. It seems to be happening again, as I make final preparations for my workshop next week, with articles and ideas on empathy.  I have a few resources I'd like to share with you to think about empathy, creativity, and how the two are related.

1. Realizing Empathy - A six-minute video by Seung Chan Lim, a computer scientist and designer whose work on empathy and creativity has galvanized a vibrant discussion world-wide.

2. Empathy, a Handbook for Revolution - The book and website of philosopher and writer, Roman Krznaric, who believes that empathic actions can be a powerful tool for social change.  I have now finished the book, and will reread.  While I don't agree with everything he says, I did find it a worthwhile read.

3. The Living Impulse - In addition to my workshop, there are several other events occurring during Lynne Cameron's exhibition, including a conversation on Wed 11 June between Jo Berry, whose father was killed in the 1984 Brighton bombing, and Patrick Magee, the former IRA member who planted the bomb.

4. What is it like to live with parents very different from you? - An article in this weekend's Guardian magazine that interviews five families where the children and parents are very different.  I found this article especially poignant, as I believe family relationships can be one of the most complex areas to practice empathy.

5. Sidling up to difference, an interview with Kwame Anthony Appiah - Although not explicitly about empathy, this interview by Krista Tippett suggests some beautiful ways of learning to live with difference and making the 'other' not an abstract threat, but a named friend or neighbor.

Over the past few months as I have been working towards this workshop, I have learned much.  There is a wealth of conversation occuring in the world about empathy, creativity, and their combined potentials.  I am so looking forward to the workshop next week to learn even more.  A few spots remain, so if you're interested, more information and registration here.