Spilling the Ink (online, 5 sessions)


Spilling the Ink (online, 5 sessions)


1 Oct - 26 Nov, 2017

Spilling the Ink is the original Writing Circle, a playful foray into various forms of writing, designed to get ideas flowing, pens moving, and ink spilt! The online course brings the same spirit of exploration and community to writers spread around the globe.

Special Features :

  • Course content delivered to your inbox 3x a week.
  • On-line, live writing session every two weeks.
  • Private forum for sharing and discussion.
  • Option to contribute to group anthology.
  • Small group size (max of 8 participants).

We will meet live via a video platform from 16.00 - 17.30, London Time, on the following Sundays: 1 Oct, 15 Oct, 29 Oct, 12 Nov, 26 Nov. If you cannot attend a meeting, a recorded version will be available for a short time afterwards.

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More questions? More answers down below. 


Why online? 

Online courses appeal to me for several reasons: they are a way to be a part of something without travelling, they offer the chance to define yourself outside your usual routine, and they can foster wonderful friendships. Depending on how we navigate it, the Internet is a place of contact or isolation. For me, small online courses have created sacred spaces in a rather busy virtual world.

Why include a live video component? 

Creating community is at the heart of my Writing Circles. I love shared spaces where we can witness and support each others’ writing. For me, a Writing Circle must have a face-to-face element, whether in person or online. When we write together a special alchemy arises that brings out ideas and voices in a way I haven’t found in courses without shared, live component.


My years of classroom teaching have taught me to value what participants offer each other. I want to create structures that make these connections and conversations possible, regardless of whether we are gathered around a real or virtual table.    

What about the technology? 

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In order to bring Spilling the Ink online, I needed a reliable technology that would allow us to meet while being in separate places. The video application ZOOM has proven to be versatile, stable and user-friendly. We've connected across multiple countries and time zones while maintaining a robust video quality. 

Before the course starts, I send instructions on how to download ZOOM and ensure each participant has a working connection. ZOOM is compatible with computers, ipads/tablets, and smart phones. During each session, we spend a little time building familiarity with ZOOM and a lot of time writing, sharing, and responding.

Our community grows and thrives outside our video meetings. There is a private forum for participants to share works in progress as well as follow-up on conversations from our meetings. In addition, each week you will receive three emails that structure the course content and shape our interactions.

What if I cannot attend all the video sessions? 

If you cannot attend the first and last sessions, I would advise waiting for a round of Spilling the Ink when you can commit to at least those two dates.  For this offering the dates are 1 October and 26 November.

Ideally, you will attend each session. Realistically, I understand that conflicts - both planned and unexpected - come up. It is possible to miss a a few sessions and still get a lot out of the course.  Each week is different, so you won't fall behind if you miss a meeting. A recorded version of the video sessions will be available for a short time after each session. It may not include the entire meeting but will have the main content.  

I'm so busy that I won't be able to write outside of our meetings. Can I still participate?


By calling this course (and my business) Spilling the Ink, I want to underscore in blotchy, uneven lines, that I'd rather you arrived with a blank page and a leaky pen than not at all. Of course you can participate if the only time you write is during the sessions themselves!  All the more reason to join. This isn't a writing course where you need to come each week with a polished manuscript. 

I do comment on work shared in the forum, and I offer extensive feedback on manuscripts (see my coaching services).  However, the spirit of the online meetings is to come write. Right now. We always start from the blank page and build from there. We're in good company: every published, award-winning, highly-regarded, richly-lauded writer always starts from the blank page and builds from there.


Yes! I do welcome back previous participants. Some of the materials will be the same as used in past courses. However, because our projects are evolving and there may be a different mix of writers, I have found that each Writing Circle establishes an ethos and chemistry of its own.

I take special care to create an atmosphere that welcomes both new and returning voices. I love seeing the writing friendships that spring up and continue from Spilling the Ink courses.

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Spilling the Ink (online, 5 sessions)