Continuing the Craft (in person)

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Continuing the Craft (in person)


    The next round of Continuing the Craft will be in 2018. Watch this space for updates.

    Continuing the Craft is designed to support writers with works already in progress or nascent projects that need a jumpstart and a nurturing environment.

    Special Features :

    • Ring-fenced writing time.
    • Personalised writing prompts and feedback.
    • Different methods of response each week.
    • Writing celebration at conclusion of the course.
    • Option to contribute to group anthology.
    • Small group size (max of 8 participants).

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    Continuing the Craft is a Writing Circle is for writers who want to strengthen existing works and deepen their writing practice. Writers will work primarily on individual projects, but we’ll also take time to listen and respond to each other. Participants will have the option of booking one-to-one conferences for more in-depth feedback. This course is ideal for a writer with a small project in mind who feels that the support and structure of a writing community will provide motivation to keep the ink flowing.

    An overview of the course is as follows:

    • Initial Meeting- Writers set intentions and individual goals. Each writer should come with at least 2 small writing projects in mind.  Examples of projects could be a short story, a few blog posts or articles, 3-5 poems, a small collection of flash fiction pieces, a personal essay or a memoir excerpt.

    • Interim Meetings - These are the heart and lungs of the programme, focusing on writing and responding in a two-fold manner:

      • Ring-fenced, quiet writing time: During this time, participants work on their projects. There may be some individualised prompts or feedback from me to get the ink flowing each week, but the primary intention is to hold this space for each writer to dive deep and write without interruption.

      • In-depth responding: Each week we explore different methods of response. I believe that effective responses must always be encouraging and respectful of the writer's intentions. However, different kinds of response are appropriate at different stages in the creative process. Our responses will vary from witnessing, to asking questions, to fine-tuning. My aim is to nurture thoughtful responses which enable a piece of writing to become a conversation between reader and writer.

    • Final Session - Writing Celebration!  We celebrate because it is important to see what we have learned and acknowledge how we have grown. We celebrate because creating, even when difficult or painful, is joyful act.

    • One-to-one conferences- Participants in Continuing the Craft will have the option of scheduling individualised writing conferences for more specific feedback on particular pieces or an opportunity to discuss their writing practice in general.

    • Circumference- Participants are invited to include a piece of their writing in an online group anthology, Have a look at our previous anthologies, Circumference I (Autumn 2015), and Circumference II (Spring/Summer 2015).

    • Other questions? - Check out the FAQs for common queries about Writing Circles in general.


    • £175.00. Full payment is required to confirm your registration, which includes a 25% non-refundable deposit. After the first session, if you feel that the programme is not a good match for you, you may request a refund minus the deposit.
    • Partial bursaries available, please inquire.


    I keep my Writing Circles small so we get a genuine sense of each others' voices and intentions. Continuing the Craft is limited to 8 participants. This also allows me to spend time focusing on substantial feedback for each writer.


    Yes! I do welcome back previous participants. Some of the materials will be the same as used in past courses. However, because our projects are evolving and there may be a different mix of writers, I have found that each Writing Circle establishes an ethos and chemistry of its own.

    I take special care to create an atmosphere that welcomes both new and returning voices. I love seeing the writing friendships that spring up and continue from Spilling the Ink courses.

    If you're looking for a writing course that raises the bar in terms of expectation, commitment, and growth, Continuing the Craft is for you!  

    Ready to sign up?  Click the green 'PURCHASE' button near the top of this page to register and pay.  Note: I use the electronic payment system Stripe. If you prefer to pay via Pay Pal  or a direct bank transfer, send me a message and I am happy invoice you separately.  This is not a problem at all. Full payment of fees is required to secure your spot.