Individual Writing Coaching

Why would you want individual writing coaching?

  • Maybe you feel a bit shy about being in a group and would like some one-to-one support with your writing.
  • Maybe you can't commit to a regular class, but you are committed to a regular writing practice and want someone to witness your process, respond to your progress, and champion your words.
  • Maybe you are suffering from creator's myopia and feel both you and your writing would benefit from the perspective of fresh eyes.
  • Or maybe you have your own reasons for seeking individual writing coaching.

Whatever your reasons, I'm listening.

 I often think of writing as a labyrinth. 

Whether you are standing at the beginning, somewhere deep in the middle, or tracing your way back out, I would be honoured to walk with you a little while on your writing journey. If we work together, I will design an individual programme specific to your goals, your process, your style. Our focus is to cultivate your voice and your stories. 


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Free Initial Consultation

In order to see if we are a good match, I offer all potential coaching clients a free initial consultation. After our conversation, if we decide to work together, I'll propose a coaching package.  If we don't think we're a good match, I'll point you in the direction of other writing teachers/coaches I know who might be able to help you out.  Writing coaching is a tender and personal connection.  It's crucial to feel that your words, your seeds of ideas, are in the right hands.



Coaching Packages

Standard packages last 3 months and include two 60-minute meetings per month (either in person or via computer) with email support and follow-up. During our meetings, you might receive in-depth feedback on your work, try some writing activities to generate ideas, use me as a sounding board for new projects, or talk through sticky parts of existing projects. Each session is planned based on our previous sessions and your overall writing goals. This package starts at £350.

I also offer a smaller package of 3 coaching sessions over 6 weeks appropriate for focusing on a smaller project or a tighter time frame. This 'half-sized' portion starts at £175.

Take these as starting points. I've found that each client has different needs, and I enjoy tailoring our work together to meet your needs.  With this in mind, please know that pricing, duration and frequency may vary for each individual, depending on our final written agreement.  


Ready to CHat?

Great! Fill out the initial inquiry form below and I'll be in touch. I am now welcoming new individual coaching clients for 2017. 

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