About Writing Circles


I created Writing Circles because I kept hearing people say things like these:

  • I love to write but struggle to find time and don’t know where to start.
  • I want to write down the things my kids say and do, otherwise I’ll forget. 
  • I used to write. I’d like to start again and try something new.
  • I want to write down my memories of people that have passed on. 
  • If I were writing with other people, it might be a lot more fun and I’d stay motivated.  

And I thought, what if there was a time and space for people to come together and put pen to paper?  What if we could find a way to turn all those good intentions into written pieces?

I began to imagine the kind of ethos I would want for nurturing memories and ideas into writing. There would be time for writing, with prompts and exercises to open doors to creativity. There would be time for listening and responding to each other. After the hard work for drafting, revising, strengthening and polishing, we would celebrate by reading and sharing our words. And, of course, there would be tea, coffee and snacks!

I believe that you already know the stories you need to tell, and that your voice is the best voice for telling those tales.

But I also understand how uncertainty, distractions, and busy-ness can keep us from finding the time and space to write. Writing in the presence of others keeps us going. Productivity is contagious.

I call them Writing Circles because they differ from traditional writing workshops where the focus is rigorous critique of polished work. We are as interested in the circular, cyclical nature of the creative process as we are in finished products.

At the heart of my Writing Circles is the wish to provide direction, support, and space for the hard and joyous work of shaping words into story.

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