My Writing


One of the reasons I write is to find threads connecting my different experiences. I find I’m always balancing contrasts, places near and far, the past and the present, the sciences and the arts.  Themes that fascinate me include home, belonging, landscape, and the evolution of relationships.

It is a huge honour to have my work published with other writers' words. I love the challenge of seeking publication because it pushes me to craft my work into my best. Here are some of my publications:




Interviews and Articles


Educational Writing

  • HeyScience!, 300+ scripts for short, interactive animations used to physical sciences for grades 8 – 12, HeyMath!, Chennai, India

  • Solar Schools curriculum and E=mc²: Energy, Making Challenging Choices curriculum, Ohio Energy Project, Columbus Ohio

One Tree Bohemia is my personal forest on the internet where many of my ideas are born and I do a lot of wondering aloud. I've been blogging there since 2011. Come hang out - I'm sure we'll be able to find each other. There's just one tree. 

For updates, reflections, and ideas about tending Writing Circles, I blog here, at my Spilling the Ink Blog.