About Me


So what's my story?

 I have many stories. Don't we all? Here are a few things about me: 

  • I am from Los Alamos, New Mexico, but currently live in Cambridgeshire, UK. That photo up there with the full moon was taken in my hometown (photo credit: R Stevens).
  • Fascinated by both literature and science, I majored in English and Physics at Rice University. I then completed a MS in Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Although I enjoyed working in the laboratory, I was more drawn to teaching and left research in favour of the classroom. I’ve spent many years teaching both physics and English. My formal teacher education was at Teachers College, Columbia University, where I earned a Masters in English Education. My experience there gave me a rich background in ways to approach the language arts of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • I have taught writing in New York City, on Long Island, online with ITT, and most recently in the UK. In 2014, I offered Opening Writing creative writing sessions at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University and led a workshop in London with artist Lynne Cameron on creativity and empathy.  In addition to my own local and online Writing Circles, I’ve facilitated online workshops with What Now What Next, a global network for women entrepreneurs.
  • My writing has been published in various journals and anthologies, both online and in print. You can read more about my writing here.
  • My work in science has ranged from researching renewable battery materials at the National Renewable Energy Lab in the US, to teaching secondary and university-level physics in both the US and the UK, to managing science outreach programmes, to working with HeyMath!, a Chennai-based company, to create interactive teaching materials used in South Africa.
  •  Spilling the Ink is both a labor of love and a source of replenishment. It is inspiring to work with people who share their ways of seeing the world through writing. My myriad experiences have convinced me that everyone has interesting things to say and valuable perspectives to offer. I want my Writing Circles to play a part in providing time, space and attention for these insights to emerge and make all our lives richer. Come join me. I’d love to listen to your stories.