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Spilling the Ink Creative Writing is dedicated to cultivating writers’ voices and stories. We offer courses and coaching for people who want to write, love to write, intend to write, but  could use a little gentle prodding to get the words flowing.

Registration is now open for the next round of online and in person courses, to begin in September 2017. 

Big NEWS! Circumference is ready! Click on the fountain pen to go straight to our anthology and start reading.

Want to join in? Come spill some ink with us! Try out a taster Online Spilling the Ink session on Sept 10 and see what it's all about.

Curious to hear some of my writing? Here's an interview I did on Cambridge 105 with Leigh Chambers where I get to read a section of my story, Suite for My Father, and we chat about writing, writing groups, and Spilling the Ink.